Womens Health

We understand at Natures Works Hobart that women have specific nutritional needs through many different stages of their life. Starting with teenage years, women may need a good multivitamin to support a fast and busy lifestyle, work, study, and often not getting enough sleep or an adequate diet. Pre-pregnancy is an important time to reflect on optimal health for women. Things like folic acid and having sufficient iron in the body play a big part in planning to fall pregnant and stay healthy during pregnancy. Post-pregnancy and breastfeeding is a huge time to make sure you are not only looking after your baby but also yourself with a good quality multivitamin. During a women’s mature age it is particularly important to assist joints and muscles with special attention to vitamin D, B-12, and of course calcium to maintain strong bones and joints. We have all the best quality vitamins and supplements for the women of Tasmania here at Natures Works.

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