Urinary Tract Health

At Natures Works, we have sourced the best quality supplements to help with Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Our naturally formulated supplements can help reduce irritation, burning and reduce the urinary frequency associated with cystitis and reduce the risk of UTIs. However, a holistic approach should always incorporate dietary and lifestyle strategies, particularly if you are someone all too familiar with the discomfort of cystitis symptoms.

Some of our supplements contain additives such as horsetail and parsley, which help to flush out the UTI-causing bacteria from the urinary tract. Celery capsules contain antimicrobial properties which can boost the immune system, and dandelion, which can be very beneficial as it contains antibacterial compounds and increased urination associated with dandelions.

So if you are a sufferer of this condition feel free to call in and have a chat with us as some of our supplements might be able to help keep the condition at bay.

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