Natural Superfoods & Co 11:11 Protein Powder

450g ~ Natural Vanilla Flavour - $69.95

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Eleven Eleven Vanilla Protein is packed full of the nutrients your body needs! This plant-based protein blend contains a mix of pre-biotic and pro-biotics plus collagen for healthy skin and a healthy gut. Eleven Eleven is flavored with natural vanilla this protein powder is made with a blend of rice and pea that’s dairy free and digests easily.

The product is know to assist in the following areas. However, people receive different benefits based on their lifestyle/health etc.

  • Lean Muscle Building
  • Tissue Repair
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduce Bloating
  • Aminos
  • Reduce Hunger
  • Boost Energy
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Boost Immune System
  • Hair, Skin & Nails

Simply Mix 1-2 tablespoons into 350ml of water, oat milk, almond milk, rice milk, yoghurt, natural juice or smoothie 1-2 times a day for best results. It also mixes great when cooking protein pancakes, cakes, oats etc.


Variants 450g ~ Natural Vanilla Flavour