Henry Blooms Multi Fibre with Probiotics

300g (60 Doses) ~ Tropical Fruits Flavour - $21.95

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Vitamins & Supplements Cholesterol Health Digestion & Detox

Henry Blooms Multi Fibre contains a rich source of dietary fibre with multiple benefits, ideally for everyday use.

  • Contributes to regular laxation
  • Daily cleansing from the inside
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol level


  • Simple Daily Digestive Support
    Stir 5g of powder into 200ml water or your favourite juice.
  • Healthy Meal Replacement
    Add 5g of powder to your cereal or other food.
  • Delicious Smoothies
    Blend 5g of powder with 200ml cold skim milk.

Adults: Take 3 times daily, add 5g of powder (2 teaspoons to 200-250ml chilled water, juice or beverage of your choice.

Children over 5 years of age: Mix 5g powder once daily.

Variants 300g (60 Doses) ~ Tropical Fruits Flavour ,750G