Dinya Soap (Sheep) Psori

Dinya Soap (Sheep) Psori - $5.50

$5.50 INC. GST

Beauty & Skin Care Personal Care

Artisanal soap crafted using the finest ingredients from Dinyarrak Sheep Dairy.

Crafted with a specific focus on alleviating PSORAISIS symptoms, this soap stands out as the MOST NOURISHING option in our collection. It is perfectly suited for sensitive skin and provides relief from issues such as SHAVING RASH, DANDRUFF, ECZEMA, and DERMATITIS.

Dinyarrak Sheep Milk Soap takes pride in its PALM OIL FREE formulation, void of any synthetic colors or fragrances.

Our soap formula features enriching components like RICE BRAN OIL, boasting natural antioxidants, Vitamin E, Oryzanol, along with COCONUT OIL and OLIVE OIL – renowned for their skin-moisturizing qualities. The Psoriasis variant further incorporates fresh SHEEP MILK, beeswax, calendula petals, and Himalayan salt. Its delicate scent is derived from rose hip and carrot seed oil.

Variants Dinya Soap (Sheep) Psori