Phytality ULTANA Phytoplankton

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Phytality ULTANA Phytoplankton provides a natural wholefood alternative to today’s synthetic multi-vitamin offerings. With over 75 essential nutrients it’s hard to find any other natural wholefood that offers gram-for-gram the broad spectrum nutritional profile of ULTANA Phytoplankton. With the additional benefit of every gram offering over 120mg of Omegas, ULTANA Phytoplankton contributes to your daily Omega intake from a sustainable, ethical and safe source. More importantly, it contains a high concentration of these lipids in the more bio-available ‘polar lipid’ form. Research has shown that Omegas bound to polar lipids are more easily absorbed and digested than other Omega-3 lipid forms. Krill oil is high in polar lipid content, while ULTANA Phytoplankton offers vegetarians and vegans this optimal polar lipid form of Omega without the environmental footprint. ULTANA Phytoplankton is also unique due to its high content of the Omega-3 EPA long-chain fatty acid. With over 60mg EPA per 1 gram serve, ULTANA Phytoplankton is recognised as a ‘Good Source of Omega-3’ under the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand guidelines. Source:
Weight 250G
Variants 45 Veg Caps ,30gm ,30gm ,45 Veg Caps ,30gm