Pana Chocolate

45g Fig & Wild Orange ~ Dark Chocolate - $6.95

$6.95 - $6.95 INC. GST

Specialty Food Gluten Free Confectionery

Gluten Free Organic Dairy Free Vegan Raw Soy Free Plant Based

Pana Chocolate is made from vegan, organic ingredients with no refined sugar, and produced using minimal heat (raw). For more information visit
Weight 100G
Variants 45g Fig & Wild Orange ~ Dark Chocolate ,45g Mint ~ Dark Chocolate ,45g Sour Cherry & Vanilla ~ Dark Chocolate ,45g Strawberry & Pistachio ~ Dark Chocolate ,45g Hazelnut ~ Dark Chocolate ,45g Golden Comb ~ Mylk Chocolate ,45g Fruit & Nut ~ Mylk Chocolate ,45g Peanut Caramel ~ Caramel Chocolate ,45g Mylk Chocolate ,45g Macadamia & Mango ~ Dark Chocolate ,45g Macadamia ~ Milk Chocolate ,45g Salted Caramel ~ Caramel Chocolate