My Shay 100% Natural Deodorant

30g Original ~ Blend No 1 - $8.00

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Beauty & Skin Care Personal Care

Vegan Made in Tasmania

My Shay 100% Natural Deodorant is a smooth blend of natural butters, botanical oils and dry ingredients. My Shay have perfected their formula so that it controls odour and absorbs moisture using the finest plant-derived ingredients to produce the best possible deodorant for you. The oils and nut butters in My Shay respond naturally to changes in temperature, so its consistency depends on the weather and where you store it. In a hot climate, it may have a creamy texture. At cooler temperatures, it will be firmer and more like a balm. Directions for use: Using a finger nail, push a pea sized amount out of the tin and apply it to your clean armpit. Rub it in using 2 clean fingers. It will absorb into your skin leaving an invisible layer of protection. Repeat with the other arm pit and you're set for the day. The subtle gender-neutral scents are created by blending pure essential oils that are known for their deodorising and antibacterial qualities. The overall effect is a delicate perfume that won't interfere with any other fragrances you may use.
Weight 75G
Variants 30g Original ~ Blend No 1 ,30g Lemon Myrtle ,30g Sensitive ,65g Original ~ Blend No 1 ,65g Lemon Myrtle ,65g Sensitive ,65g Charcoal ,65g Pink Clay