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Fusion Health Magnesium Advanced Lemon-Lime Zing with Coconut Water

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Fusion Health Magnesium Advanced Powder Lemon-Lime Zing with Coconut Water combines a highly bioavailable form of magnesium (magnesium glycinate as OptiChel MG) with B vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support healthy muscle function.

  • Available in two delicious, gentle-on-the-stomach flavours: watermelon or lemon-lime zing – both with nutritious coconut water
  • Contains OptiChel MG (magnesium glycinate), which is more readily absorbed than some other forms of magnesium, such as magnesium oxide
  • Also contains B-group vitamins and vitamin C, the amino acids taurine, glutamine and L-carnitine, plus the minerals zinc, chromium and selenium
  • Supports healthy muscle contraction and relaxation
  • Helps maintain electrolyte balance after exercise
  • Supports normal cellular energy production
  • Supports healthy stress responses in the body
  • Supports blood sugar metabolism in healthy people

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